About Us

The journey of two cheeky chicks….

How it all started – in a nutshell

Cheeky chicks was the brainchild of Kirsten Ulbrich who started it all in 2007. She was the chick in charge and amazingly so for 9 successful and fun filled years. Cheeky chicks first only offered lap dancing, pole dancing and toy talks as opposed to the amazing range of party options we now offer to ladies get togethers. Her inspiration to start cheeky chicks was her belief that women need a good excuse to go out and have some fun, have a few laughs with friends and be proud to be ladies and do ladies things. She wanted to change the perception society had about pole dancing and get women excited about exploring this form of dancing as a confidence builder and amazing way to get out of one’s comfort zone, even just for a little while.

    When Kirsten couldn’t DO IT ALL anymore she started calling on some fellow passionate ladies to help her out with all the party enquiries she was receiving. This is where I got my opportunity to become an entertainer for cheeky chicks.


        I am Nikita Smit, the current owner of cheeky chicks. I have been a professional dancer in the industry for 12 years to date. Dancing and entertainment is my heartbeat and it is what I live for. I am Latin American trained, but I have acquired many other dance styles and skills in my career which I am always very keen to share and show off to whoever wants to see. After having learnt the art of pole dancing and loving every minute of the practicing this amazing art, I approached Kirsten to be one of her instructors in late 2015. Needless to say I loved doing entertainment at bachelorette parties so much so that a year after working for Kirsten she sold her amazing business to me. My vision is to bring my passion for entertainment and creating great memories into every cheeky chicks party and project that passion and drive onto anyone whom I employ.