Burlesque Boudoir Party

Glitz and glamour and all things decadent is what makes Burlesque dancing so perfect for a girls night in. Fun and frivolous, the best part is that anyone can dance Burlesque- no matter how lumpy and bumpy you think you might be. Burlesque pays homage to the curves of the female form so every lady at the event can feel good! The music we use is great for everyone to sing along to and along with the feather boas, pearls and glitzy hats your guests will soon be feeling as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe.


How it works:

The Burlesque instructor will start the party with a short, sexy routine. Then everyone grabs a feather boa and the lesson can begin. Everyone will learn a short routine which they perform together and then it is the VIP’s turn to strut her stuff. Although traditional burlesque does include stripping there will be none of that at a Cheeky Chicks party!

The Burlesque Boudoir Party costs R1900

So what do you get for your bucks:

  • The lessons lasts about 60 minutes
  • Cheeky Chicks supplies the props for the ladies to use- feather boas, gloves and hats
  • We also supply the music to dance to
  • Special attention is paid to the VIP (bride, birthday girl, etc)
  • The instructor wears burlesque costuming
  • Feminine fun your guests will never forget

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