Cocktail Queen Party

Who needs to know how to bake a cake? Knowing how to shake a good cocktail is way more important these days. Cocktails add glamour to the dreariest day, they will pick you up, spice you up and turn your day around.
Shaking cocktails with the girls makes for super sexy and colourful entertainment at your next party. The handsome Cheeky Chicks barman will show you how to shake our specially designed cheeky cocktails to make heaven in a glass.


How it works:

Cheeky Chicks provides everything the party ladies will need to shake 3 pre-selected cocktails and 3 shooters. The barman will give each lady the equipment she needs and will demonstrate how to make the drinks. Then everyone gets to drink their creations while he gets the next round ready. Easy and entertaining, the Cocktail Queen is a perfect party starter for those events where not everyone knows each other.

We will send you a list of our delicious cocktails for you to choose from. You can choose 3 cocktails and 3 shooters and we will take care of the rest.


What do you get for your bucks:

    The hostess will pay a base fee of R2000 for the barman service and glass hire, every lady at the party is charged R140 for the ingredients. In total you receive:

    • one sexy barman to teach you cocktail shaking for 3 hours
    • cocktail making equipment each paying lady
    • all ingredients for 3 cocktails per person
    • all the ingredients for 3 shooters per person
    • all the glasses for the drinks
    • ice and any other garnishes we might need

    30 ladies maximum

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