Gin and Jive


With Gin becoming such a sought after base for cocktails and the jive being one of the most fun and energetic dances, we though it would be a perfect combination for ladies parties. We have sourced the most popular and yummy craft gin cocktails to tingle and tantalize your taste buds and have your guests asking for more. The professional jive dance instructors will have your guest shaking, rattling and rolling into an unforgettable night.

How does the Gin and Jive party work:

    • The hostess will get to choose 3 craft gin cocktails from a list of specially sourced combinations
    • The barman will get all the ladies warmed up with one of the signature gin cocktail for starters
    • You can then choose to either have the barman prepare the rest of the cocktails for the ladies while they jive and party OR each lady can shake and make their own cocktail if you prefer a more interactive party
    • The jive instructors will start with a small demo dance to get the ladies excited about their lesson, they will then teach the ladies a few easy, fun jive steps which they can use to show off at any party

What does the party cost?

        Base charge for the barman (incl cocktail jars) and jive dancers – R3600


        EXTRA for shakers for each lady (if requested) – R200 total


      Cocktail stock (craft gin, mixers and garnishes) – R170 each

What does the hostess need to provide:

      • A table for the barman to set up and prepare
      • Ice to keep the ingredients cold
      • Space for the dance lesson
      • Prizes or shots for the best OR worse dancers (Optional)

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