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Terms And Conditions relevant for bookings only, not enquiries

1. The client grants Cheeky Chicks the mandate, and Cheeky Chicks accepts this mandate, to deliver the goods and/or perform the services specified above.

2. This agreement will commence on the date the client appoints Cheeky Chicks and endures until the goods are delivered and/or the services are completed.

3. As fees for performance by Cheeky Chicks of its mandate in terms of this agreement, the client will pay Cheeky Chicks:
3.1. in terms of the pricing schedule contained herein, in the Cheeky Chicks' quotation, or otherwise in writing; and
3.2. for all services rendered that are not included in the scope of the mandate, at the standard rate charged by Cheeky Chicks.

4. Where applicable, the client will pay to Cheeky Chicks the deposit as specified by Cheeky Chicks on placing the order. The balance of the fees will be payable in total, as applicable, 3 days before the event or delivery, as applicable.

5. All fees will be paid by the client to Cheeky Chicks free of exchange, set off, counterclaim or any bank charges.

6. Cheeky Chicks reserves the right to review the fees payable in the event of additional services required by the client, or a change in any other factor affecting the services, as applicable.

7. Outstanding amounts will attract a penalty of 2% per month, compounded monthly.

8. The client will, without delay, provide Cheeky Chicks with access to all such information and render any assistance that may be reasonably required by Cheeky Chicks for the timeous performance of the services.

9. The client may cancel an order 6 (six) weeks before the date of the event without incurring any penalty. A cancellation received four days to six weeks before the event will attract a cancellation fee equal to the deposit amount. A cancellation received within three days before the event will attract a 100% cancellation fee.

10.Where the client is not ready to start the Cheeky Chicks party within thirty minutes of the scheduled starting time, Cheeky Chicks is entitled, at its discretion, to end the services at the time they would have ended had the party started timeously, or cancel the services in which event the client will remain liable for the full fee.

11. Should the client commit a breach of this agreement and fail to remedy such breach within a period of 10 (ten) days after receipt of written notice from Cheeky Chicks calling upon the client to remedy, Cheeky Chicks will be entitled, in its discretion and without prejudice to any of its rights in law, to either claim specific performance of the terms of this agreement or to cancel this agreement, and in either event to claim and recover damages from the client, including any legal costs, collection costs and/or collection commission incurred by Cheeky Chicks, on the attorney and client scale.

12.The client chooses as the address at which s/he will accept legal notices and other communications his/her physical addresses documented herein.

13. Cheeky Chicks will not be responsible to the client or any third party for any direct or indirect damages, or any loss of profit or special damages that the client or a third party may suffer for any reason. The client indemnifies Cheeky Chicks against any such claims.

14. In the event that Cheeky Chicks sub-contracts any services to a sub-contractor, any claim the client may have against Cheeky Chicks in respect of the sub-contractor's actions will be limited to the cession of Cheeky Chicks' claim against the sub-contractor.

15. No addition to or variation of this agreement will be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties.

16. No representations or warranties other than those set out herein are binding on the parties.

17. No indulgence by any party will prevent the enforcement of strict compliance with this agreement. | 079 88 44 724