The Playtime Diva Party

Get your girlfriends laughing about all things that go buzz in the night.

A really fun way to keep your party guests entertained!

The Playtime Diva party is a fun way to discover what is new on the adult toy market. The Cheeky Chicks hostess will do a tasteful demonstration on of these goodies which will last approximately 40 – 60 minutes. During this time your guests will have the opportunity to ask questions about the products, and of course there will be loads of giggles and funny comments too. Cash and credit cards (especially husband’s credit cards!) are welcome.

Your guests will be fully involved in the show as part of the hostess passes around all the gadgets for the audience to look at. This way they will get to learn a little more about things that go buzz in the night. The goodies are all available for sale afterwards, so your guests can keep the party going as soon as they get home!

The Playtime Diva costs R900


  • 40 minute interactive chat on all this bedroom
  • We play a game with your guests and one lucky party guest a prize
  • We carry stock with us, so your guests can purchase all the goodies discussed in the show
  • We accept EFT payments
  • There will be a travel fee applicable to parties outside of a 25km radius from our base in Bedfordview


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