DIY Wine Tasting Kit

Bring the wine lands to your party with the Cheeky Chicks Wine Diva DIY Kit. If the bride-to-be loves her wine and you would all like to learn a little more about wine with some added bachelorette fun, the Wine Diva Kit is the solution. This is a particularly good option for smaller, relaxed parties as the party guests will take turns at being the wine master!

Cheeky Chicks has selected 5 different wines (we have different themes, see below) for you to taste. A day before the party we drop off the kit to the party hostess who will make sure that everything is correct for the tasting. As the party gets going the guests read out the quirky analysis and tasting notes we have provided in the the role of the wine master! Lots of fun and giggles but most importantly lots of wine drinking is the result. It does not matter if you are all wine fundis or plonk-drinkers, tonight you are all masters!

Choose one of these themes for your wine tasting:

    • 50 Shades: Naughty Wines for Sexy Nights
    • White: the Colour of Innocence (a white wine spectacular)
    • Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend (Sparkling wines to get excited about) – charge for bubbles will be slightly higher than other kits

The DIY Kit costs R2000 – R2800 (depending on the amount of ladies)

What do you get for your bucks:

      • 5 bottles of excellent quality wines for the tasting. Each kit is different, ask us but the one you’re interested
      • Instructions for the hostess
      • 5 scripts which include tongue-in-cheek analysis and tasting notes to be read as you taste the wines
      • Scoring sheets
      • 1 bottle of delicious Method Cap Classique as a prize for the best wine master
      • Travel fee to apply outside a 20km radius

What does the hostess need to provide:

      • 3 glasses per person (1 red, 1 white, 1 sparkling wine glass)
      • ice to keep the wines cold
      • snacks like crackers and sushi
      • a hat or something similar to indicate who the wine master is

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